Paul Titov

Lansing Business Owner, American International Bulk Foods
Instructor: Angel Jenio, The Stomp

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Instructor: Angel Jenio, The Stomp.

Paul Titov arrived in Lansing as a refugee from a war-torn Azerbaijan (part of the former Soviet Union) in 1991 at the age of 14. He graduated from Eastern High School and enrolled at Lansing Community College, taking business courses to help his parents launch American International Bulk Food store. The store has a wide variety of international food assortments and specializes in Eastern European and Middle Eastern products.

The family has owned this successful business in south Lansing since 1997 and has participated and donated to numerous charitable causes in our community. Paul is actively involved in many ethnic communities and often helps them navigate through settling and assimilating into the Lansing community.

He lives in East Lansing with his wife Asya (a recent MSU MBA graduate) and their 8-year old daughter Valerie.