Care Free Medical provides quality and compassionate medical, dental, and optometry care to people with limited access to the healthcare system.

Medical Visits
We have provided over 70,000 visits to the uninsured or under-insured in our community. We have done this with dedicated staff, volunteers, and generous supporters.


We are the  primary care medical office for thousands of patients with limited or no access to healthcare.


Routine hygiene care (cleanings and x-rays) and fillings and extractions for the underserved or uninsured.


Good vision allows a person to perform their job, do better in school, get on the right bus, and just enjoy life more.

Full Patient Care

Care Free has two locations that provide an impressive collection of primary care, dental care, optometry, and behavioral health care services. This comprehensive service offering provides a more complete pathway preventative care reducing the overall cost of care and increasing the patients quality of life.

1100 West Saginaw St, Suite 5,
Lansing, Michigan, 48915

Help us provide needed medical care to members of the Lansing community

Care Free Medical  1100 W. Saginaw St, Suite 5, Lansing, MI 48915
Phone: 517.887.5922       Fax: 517.887.5982